Sunday, April 4, 2010

my take on the health care law

so since i did a post a month ago about why i hate my country, i guess it's time to update based on the passing of the new law.

i'm still disappointed. we can do better than this.

problem 1: the majority of the "reforms" don't take effect until 2014. so that means that you'll have to hope i live another four years before any of this helps me. in the meantime, i am still sick with my upper respiratory crap, and i still have no health care.

since this is the case, if you're lucky enough to have insurance, you'll still get raped. and if you don't, you still won't.

problem 2: it's still private insurance. we have already seen what happens when we incentivise the lowering of costs over the delivery of good health care. this has not changed.

and as for doctors, they're still incentivised to do more procedures, which does not necessarily mean make people healthier. that hasn't changed either.