Monday, February 15, 2010

a thank you note

an open thank you note to rep. kay granger (r-tx12), rep. joe barton (r-tx6), sen. kay bayley hutchison (r-tx), and sen. john cornyn (r-tx).

wanted to let you know how wonderful and thrilling it is that you've completely sandbagged any chance our state might have had at anything approaching health care reform.

i wonder, though, what the alternative might have been when i got sick a couple of weeks ago. you see, i'm a full-time college student, and i'm too old to be carried on a parent's insurance policy. of course, even if raising the age had passed, i'd still be too old, but we never really got to find out because you didn't want it to pass, so it didn't.

so i went to the student health center, which is free to students, and the only kind of health care available to me in the best health care system you seem to think we have here in the united states. i was diagnosed with bronchitis. over the following weekend, it exploded into a sinus infection, too. i was given antibiotics -- zithromax, which costs about $35 if, like me, you don't have coverage.

this is, of course, a very significant stretch of cash for me. because you see, because you've been so good as to oppose help for the unemployed, help for the poor, and help for students at every opportunity, i've been out of work for nearly two years now. yes, if i'd ever had cobra benefits (which would have been unaffordable anyway) they would have run out long ago. so cutting all of that has really done texans like me a lot of good, and i'm so thrilled you've been there to support us. my entire budget for the remainder of the semester is on the order of $250 (it's now february, so this has to last until may), and i know how helpful all your policies have been. yay tax cuts!

a week goes by, and i'm still not better, so back i go to the student health center, where, i am told, it might be pneumonia. so i get an order for a chest x-ray i can not afford ($40), and an antibiotic i can not afford ($180). but you've so helpfully made it so that i can't have those and i can't get help from anywhere else -- i'm not sick enough for an ER yet. and so now the only thing to do is dose up on cough syrup, sudafed, and advil and hope that holds out long enough so that i don't suffer an agonizing slow suffocating death. hopefully, instead, i'll just keel right over and die.

because we can't have any kind of health care system that would assist people like me. nothing is always better than something, if something isn't exactly what we want (which, interestingly enough, is nothing).

i hope you'll excuse me now. i'm going to go lay back down and wheeze. there's nothing else for me to do, and you've made sure of it.

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