Thursday, August 20, 2009

no you can't

yesterday i had a brain wave. ordinarily i pick the kids up for a day or two every other weekend. this coming, when i'm moving, would ordinarily be my weekend, but as i'm moving and will have my living space torn up in preparation, i decided this was a bad idea. so i sent a text message to sue telling her that i wouldn't be picking up the kids because i'm moving.

her first reply was snide: are you moving the bed bugs too?

this is of course something i've come to expect from her. she always has a rude comment to make when the opportunity presents itself. she is completely unable to cooperate or simply act in a professional, business-like manner when it comes to dealing with me. i decided against saying that i'm taking only my three favorites, sue, cunt, and bitch.

then she sent me another one: she wants to see where the kids will be sleeping in the new place before she lets me take them over there.

the immediate answer was the one i sent: i'll still be doing visitation at my step-mom's, and they won't be coming to the new place. this is actually true; i don't have the space for three kids of their age in my new digs, and my landlord was ... less than enthused ... about my bringing them over. so if they do come over, it won't be for longer than an hour or two.

the more correct answer, which i'll probably offer next time the issue comes up, goes like this:

not just no, bitch.

you lost the right to pass judgment on my living arrangements when you filed for divorce. i don't ask to inspect your double-wide, and in fact have never been past the front door. i don't make noise about the boyfriend/fuckbuddy you live with (that our court order prohibits you from permitting to live there). if you think the kids would be unsafe, call child protective services. otherwise, talk to the hand.

it bothers me, obviously. not so much that she's "concerned for the kids' welfare." really, that's bullshit. she was never able to trust that anything i could do would work, and now obviously she thinks that, again, everything i touch will turn to shit. while i cheerfully admit that i am not perfect, i've never taken my kids anywhere that's actually dangerous.

but it bothers me that she seems to want to continue to be the bitch and act like she somehow has an interest in the decisions i make. this is why i don't discuss my life with her, although in truth i'd like it if we could be at least friends. but that's not going to happen any time soon.

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