Friday, August 14, 2009

and now the wait

for school to start.

apartment: rented.

actually, it's a bedroom and rest-of-house use rights in a house. it'll be me, the landlord, and another tenant. rent is $500/mo abp. nice neighborhood. i'm pre-paying through the end of december.

now i have to pack, and disinfect everything i own so i don't take bed bugs with me.

i am ... excited.

textbooks: bought.

only one book available on amazon. the chemistry book is bought as an ebook. i dislike ebooks generally because they're drm crap. but they're cheaper (though often not by much) than the hardcover ones. of course they're never available used, and often they expire.

this one appears to not expire, which is a good thing. if it does, i'm going to be wildly pissed.

but as with all of these products, it's essentially an ass-rape and you're unable to save any significant money.

the hard textbook and access to the homework site costs ... $200. if you buy the ebook a chapter at a time, it costs a total of ... $200. if you buy the ebook and homework site together, it costs ... $150. if you buy the ebook separately from the homework site, you spend a total of ... $150. do we see a common thread here?

of course, it's a first edition of a new book, so no used copies are available. your only choice is to buy new. you could, in theory, buy from another place, but ha! you don't get the homework site code, so you'll actually spend more doing this than you would just buying the package from the student bookstore. isn't the student bookstore a "

oh, and you know of course that there will be a new edition next year or the year after, so that everybody has to buy new again, right? even though the basics of an introductory chemistry course haven't changed in 30 years, it's vital to update the books ... so publishers will still have jobs.

i can not emphasize too much what a skull-fuck i think the textbook racket is. yet students are pretty much powerless to stop it.

even with all that, i'm cautiously optimistic. i have absolutely zero wiggle room in the budget, but i might be able to make a go of this. hopefully with some side income or maybe a part time job i can swing it.

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