Sunday, June 21, 2009

operation bleach

with my step-mom out of town and my kids gone (i am apparently less interesting than their new nintendo wii), i have started operation bleach.

this involves washing everything i own that is made of cloth in hot water and chlorine bleah. the high-efficiency washing machine we have has a bleach cup that allows me to pour chlorine bleach in, and then it sufficiently dilutes it before going into the clothes that it doesn't cause bleach stains on my clothing, yet i get the disinfectant benefits of the bleach.

once that's done, everything is going into a garbage bag and sitting in the back room, which has a tile floor. step-mom will love that.

we're now up to six bed bugs caught in the plastic bag, with at least two more that i was unable to catch. tomorrow the office chair goes outside, never to return.

step-mom is due home from her trip tomorrow. i'm sooooo not looking forward to the conversation when i pick her up, because i have to tell her about all this.

i do have an exterminator coming out on wednesday to give us an estimate. we'll see what he says.

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