Tuesday, June 19, 2007

more depression

i hate it, and i hate myself, and all that.

started with a therapist who was so-so but his behavior left something to be desired. checking email, taking phone calls, and dealing with office staff during sessions ... is bad. worse, on two occasions the therapist couldn't be in the office for whatever reason, so rather than call me or offer to schedule a new appointment for me, they took my copay and gave me to another therapist! after the second time that happened i quit going.

but then. then.

i'd paid my copays by debit card authorization. some were on prepaid cards, some were drawn on a checking account. it turned out they'd run the auths on the card, so the funds were held out of my accounts ... for a while. but they never completed the transactions, and so the funds were put back into my account.

they finally got around to running the charges through three months later, after i'd long since forgotten about them. because the charges had been authorized by the bank at the time, they went ahead and paid them ... and overdrew all three of my accounts, complete with lots of overdraft fees that wouldn't have happened if the fuckers had run the charges within a day or two of the appointments.

that was the last straw. i won't accept that shit when it fucks up my finances, which are already jacked enough. i've filed a complaint against him with the state licensing board for unprofessional behavior both in-session and with his billing practices.

okay so. onward.

been working on sue's blog. it looks a lot better than it did. maybe someday it'll make money for us.

upgrade my blog to wp 2.2. no great comments. at least it didn't break my theme.

been heavy into trading here. have a metric assload of sources, and i'm supposed to do some hosting for them during the tour. should be fun.

in school. hate economics, taking two of those (money and banking, managerial economics). looking forward to marital and sexual lifestyles. yay, a fun course hopefully. maybe even she will approve.

i still have one elective to select. likely won't take that until the very end, because it would require me to think.