Wednesday, April 18, 2007

shrink visit

love the new psychiatrist. love him. down to earth, doesn't freak on my job, has a sense of humor, listens to my concerns about meds.

so we're starting on celexa, which in the same class of drugs as prozac. i've had some bad side effects with prozac (most alarmingly, limp willie syndrome), so we'll see how this goes.

so, he also thinks i show classic symptoms of adhd, which doesn't surprise me at all.

but the treatment.





he gave me speed.

he gave me lots of it.

and he gave me permission to self-adjust.

whoa. i wasn't a speed junkie, i was a plain old alcoholic. holy motherfucking crap, where was this shit when i was using? you can get this from a DOCTOR? and it's CHEAP!

and i'm not even on a big dose. i'm on 10 mg. this says that the max dose is 3/4mg per 1 lb body weight. for me that would be over 180mg (cuz, you know, i be fat)! my brain would explode if my chattering teeth weren't driven through my eyeballs first.


so we'll see how this goes, but i'll definitely go back to the shrink. we may have to talk about this speed thing, but i do like him.

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