Thursday, December 7, 2006

latest at school

ian's school, that is.

sue called me day before yesterday with a couple of horrifying stories related by one of ian's classmate's moms. apparently, this woman has had a difficult time with the school district with her son. i don't know what his diagnosis is.

anyway, he apparently has a history of wandering out of the classroom by either walking out the door or climbing out the window. while ian isn't really strong enough to open the heavy doors of the school, this child is. this mother purchased door buzzers to alert staff when the classroom doors get opened for the school but apparently they're going unused. even an unimpaired five year old wandering around without supervision presents obvious dangers to himself and others, and this school is in the middle of a residential construction zone.

on the most recent occasion, she went up to the school for the turkey day party and found her son in the bathroom curled up in a fetal position on the floor. nobody -- none of the 4 staff members or 4 other parents in the room -- knew how long he'd been there or why he was like that.

for an organization that acts in loco parentis like the school does, this borders on criminally negligent.

this parent has apparently yanked her kid out of class and is going to homeschool him. that sue is horrified enough to even contemplate such a thing means it must be really bad; she's normally gung ho on public schools.

so sue wants to talk to the other parent and then we'll talk about pulling ian. she's wanting to do it at the end of the semester, which is next week.