Saturday, July 8, 2006


two of them. yesterday. the twins are 3.

it doesn't seem that long, really. a lot has happened, and not all of it has been fun, but there we go. they're learning to talk, and benjamin, as always, remains made of rubber. ben is also getting the pee pee in the potty thing down, though we haven't started that with samantha.

ian isn't getting anywhere on that, really, mostly because he just doesn't care. he doesn't want to stop laying on the floor and playing with his fuzz. he will spend hours on the living room floor playing with stuffing pulled from a pillow -- pillow fuzz. hours. just running it through his fingers.

his mother is getting more and more frustrated with his behavior, and i can't really say i blame her. he doesn't talk much, and he doesn't talk spontaneously at all. he doesn't indicate what he wants -- if he gets hungry and we don't realize it's lunch time, he'll just starve.


the server will be moving again in a few days, so you can expect some downtime. not like anybody really depends on my silly little blog being up, but whatever. i'm moving the server off my boss's pipe and back onto my own.

and i've added a little advertising over there on the right. maybe it'll help financially. but that sort of depends on actually having people read the site. considering how much traffic the place gets, you know.

school continues. today's project is catching up on the economics, which tertia promised she'd do for me but she seems to be in about the same place with my economics exam as she is with those cooter pics she promised me. somehow i'm not surprised, tertia is v coy about that stuff.


  1. Daddy...We love you!!!

  2. [...] i talked a little about his fuzz habit. he does the same thing with crayons too: he will run the fuzz or crayons through his fingers, to the exclusion of all else, for hours at a time. he ignores us. he ignores the twins. he ignores his need to pee and so he wets himself and the floor without a second thought. like all children he hates to go to bed, so he takes his fuzz with him. [...]