Friday, July 21, 2006

here comes the christiban

the christiban is at work again, attempting, through legislation, to decide what is right for you to view. now, they can't outright ban my work yet, but they are trying to make it extraordinarily difficult and dangerous.

that's right. dangerous.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

another class down

econ 2306, microeconomics -- complete three weeks early, and i got a b. i'm ... flabbergasted, cuz i understand less about economics now than i did when i started.

Monday, July 17, 2006

my cocksucking dad

people wonder why i think my dad is an asshole. it's shit like this.

(12:54:47 PM) him: u there!
(12:54:53 PM) me: what.
(12:55:04 PM) him: need a call. office
(12:55:13 PM) me: i'm at the uta library.
(12:55:48 PM) me: your choices are instant message, email, or wait.

[he calls my cell]

(1:12:40 PM) me: i told you i'm at the fucking library.


(1:15:33 PM) him: I wasn't at my computer.
(1:15:51 PM) him: I have a couple of computer questions.
(1:16:00 PM) him: I'll try to remember them.
(1:16:06 PM) him: TTFN


first: call habib, not me, because i don't know shit about your motherfucking telephone system.

second: when you send me an im, don't demand that i call you and then walk away, because within the next ten motherfucking seconds i might respond.

third: i don't give a shit if it was your orgasm that created me. it was long ago and i've paid for your indiscretion with my mother many times over.

fourth: i have other shit to do than be disturbed by you while i'm at school, or at work, or asleep.

he's starting to act like doglady again.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

tommy can you hear me?

my step-mom says, "that's a horrible thing to say," but she doesn't live with him and doesn't need the defense of gallows humor. we've decided to rename our oldest son tommy.

watching him is frustrating at times. to say "he's off in his own little world" is an understatement. at four, he ought to know things like how to tell us his name, and when he needs to go to the bathroom, even if he doesn't always make it. he ought to be able to tell us that he wants something to drink, or that he's hungry. he ought to be interested in interacting with the other kids. he ought to, you know, talk.

he doesn't. and it's frustrating to watch. he sometimes seems like he knows when he needs to go to the bathroom, like, for example, when he urgently wants to go outside so he can drop his pants and take a dump on the patio.

and he doesn't talk. he'll respond to prompts sometimes, and he can identify some colors, but most of the time he'll just ignore us and go on either watching tv or playing with his crayons and fuzz.

i talked a little about his fuzz habit. he does the same thing with crayons too: he will run the fuzz or crayons through his fingers, to the exclusion of all else, for hours at a time. he ignores us. he ignores the twins. he ignores his need to pee and so he wets himself and the floor without a second thought. like all children he hates to go to bed, so he takes his fuzz with him.

he doesn't actually do anything with the fuzz. he doesn't color with the crayons. he just picks them up and lets them slip through his fingers, like you might with sand on the beach once or twice.

the school people tell us that he's making progress (except of course he's not because it's summer and they wouldn't let him into the summer program). the doctor tells us to take him to the place with the year wait to even get an appointment six months later.

so how can we not be frustrated? especially with people like my mother, who is rapidly descending into the realms of respect equal to my father, calling my children feral.

it is true that we don't take them out much. it is also true that taking out three children four and younger, none of whom are potty trained, and none of whom really have this sharing thing down yet, is, shall we say, a major pain in the ass. they actually do eat at the table and use utensils (usually), and for the most part they are obedient. but they are also toddlers, and there are three of them.

so if you want to take them out, come and get 'em. we'll even let you take the minivan.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

some nerdly stuff

i've taken to using a speech recognition package to do data entry. I use it to do e-mail and now blog entries, and it works pretty well most of the time. Except, of course, when I mumble. That makes it difficult to use when I do not want other people to overhear what I had to say. So, like, when sue is in the other room am I and sexually harassing my replacement wife. That's the kind of thing you don't really want to talk about out loud very much.

In other useless nerd news, I have upgraded my server and will be migrating all of the blogs and e-mail over to the new one within the next few days. I have to figure out what will be the first things to move. How fun.

I suppose, of course, this means that I should get off my ass and go to school, even if the speech recognition package will not recognize "ass." (i've gotten "aunts," "ask," and "ash.")

why can't i write funny shit like julie?

[edited: as a stylistic decision i generally do not edit posts, and i don't comment on my own posts. but i've fixed the link tertia complained about. dragon naturally speaking.]

Sunday, July 9, 2006

ads by gooooooooogle

one wonders why i'm getting ads for an ocd treatment facility. what keyword is it thinking of?

Saturday, July 8, 2006


two of them. yesterday. the twins are 3.

it doesn't seem that long, really. a lot has happened, and not all of it has been fun, but there we go. they're learning to talk, and benjamin, as always, remains made of rubber. ben is also getting the pee pee in the potty thing down, though we haven't started that with samantha.

ian isn't getting anywhere on that, really, mostly because he just doesn't care. he doesn't want to stop laying on the floor and playing with his fuzz. he will spend hours on the living room floor playing with stuffing pulled from a pillow -- pillow fuzz. hours. just running it through his fingers.

his mother is getting more and more frustrated with his behavior, and i can't really say i blame her. he doesn't talk much, and he doesn't talk spontaneously at all. he doesn't indicate what he wants -- if he gets hungry and we don't realize it's lunch time, he'll just starve.


the server will be moving again in a few days, so you can expect some downtime. not like anybody really depends on my silly little blog being up, but whatever. i'm moving the server off my boss's pipe and back onto my own.

and i've added a little advertising over there on the right. maybe it'll help financially. but that sort of depends on actually having people read the site. considering how much traffic the place gets, you know.

school continues. today's project is catching up on the economics, which tertia promised she'd do for me but she seems to be in about the same place with my economics exam as she is with those cooter pics she promised me. somehow i'm not surprised, tertia is v coy about that stuff.