Saturday, May 13, 2006

dr schoolmarm

dr schoolmarm is my (and my wife's) psychiatrist. it'd been almost a year since i've seen her and a lot has happened in that time, so i spent a couple minutes catching her up. school, work, family, the works.

but the more i think about what she said, the more disturbed i become.

"i have patients who spend 10 and 12 and 14 hours a day on your site, and it's runing their lives."

this is without asking what site, by the way.

okay so sex addiction is real, as its its close cousin porn addiction. i don't deny that for a second.

i do, however, take umbrage at the suggestion that i or my work is responsible for others' problems. i am no more responsible for someone's porn addiction than the local brewrey is responsible for alcoholism. (by the way, i live a 5 minute drive from the brewrey. cooking barley stinks.)

i'm of three minds.

one is to let it drop, get my meds and go on.

one is to confront her.

one is to just cancel my next appointment and get someone else.

for the first option, i don't like it much. i feel like i get enough judgemental bullshit from society in general i do not also need to pay $100 for a 15 minute med management visit to get more of it from dr schoolmarm.

on the other hand, i don't really feel like paying $400 an hour to confront her either. i shouldn't have to pay to correct a situation she created.

and of course finding someone else is a huge pain because there aren't a lot of psychiatrists around here, and dr schoolmarm is actually the best of them.

this is actually the best job i've ever had. i have a friendly, supportive if demanding boss. the people i work with are fun and intelligent. the product we create is intelligent, friendly, and respectful of what our models want. we pay way more than the going rate for modeling in the area we produce in. on occasion when a model has a change of heart, we take her material down and permit her to buy it back. and we shoot all girls -- there are only four shoots of men on the site, done as experiments, and we won't be doing more.

it also pays better -- way better -- than any job i've ever had. it feeds my family and keeps my lights on and pays my mortgage.

and that's where dr schoolmarm's, and everyone else's, arguments fall down: this is the job i've found that pays my bills, and it's legal to boot. until you pay my bills, take your moralizing elsewhere.

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  1. Personally, I'd find someone else. I'm sure there are many qualified therapists in your neck of the woods, even if it -is- TexAss.

    Her job is to help you with your issues, not to criticize or make personal judgements about you, or your profession.