Saturday, April 29, 2006

song of the day

performed by the gas house gang
you should be aware that i really can't transcribe barbershop. instead, buy a copy and listen. the italics are the bass and baritone backing vocals.


when the great war started over there
over there
and we told the kaiser to beware
say a prayer
they sent me off to camp with all the fellas
wearing metal caps that look like small umbrellas
but when i hit pariee with my gun and my new duds
they sat me down in front of thirty million tons of spuds

kay pee
kay pee
this is surely not the life for me
for me
mademoiselle from armandier will have nothing more to fear
if they never put me near kay pee
kay pee

kay pee
kay pee
taters look like little zeppelins to me
you see
they say that war is rough but i'm sitting on my duff
and i've surely had enough kay pee
kay pee

kay pee
i came here patriotic
kay pee
been peelin' till i'm half neurotic
it ain't worth it on what they pay me
it's not for me
i just want to fight a hun but the spuds are never done
wish i never had begun kay pee
el em en oh pee

kay pee
kay pee
kay pee
oh gee
as i fight for freedom and democracy
i'm in the army now
i'm not behind a plow
but it's all the same somehow you see
you see
kay pee
kay pee
kay pee
it's bizarre to fight a war this way
gee i hope we win the thing some mademoiselle from armandier
par ley vous me outta here
send me home today hey!

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