Monday, February 6, 2006

a little bit for now

it's 835am, and i'll shortly be going to class with the most annoying student in the history of the universe, whose name i'll not repeat lest his poor parents sue me for everything they think i might ever be worth.

but i thought i'd take some time, since the computer lab is right across the hall, to do a little update and tell you what's been going on. the answer: not a great deal.

had my annual physical not too long ago. mid-january sometime. i'm healthy. except that it looks likely i have diabetes. this is no surprise, really: i eat like shit, am overweight and gaining (my bmi is 29.2), and i have a family history of diabetes. so, back in two and a half months or so for repeat testing. he wants me to lose twelve pounds by then. i literally fell out of my chair laughing.

school is interesting but there are no available cute girls to talk to this semester. i'm doing history 2314, better known as history of england 2, and interdisciplinary 2301, better known as interdisciplinary perspectives.

the interdisciplinary course is an introduction to interdisciplinarity (how's that for a word?). it teaches the fundamental concepts for interdisciplinary work, and caps it off with a research paper about a, complex problem (the sort you'd study using interdisciplinary methodology): global warming.

for now we're still going through the disciplines, but i'm enjoying the course immensely and really like the flaming-liberal instructor.

i know there's a new wordpress release but i haven't had time to look at it. i'm sure i'll get around to installing it, but not this week.

work continues. a major project we're doing is finally looking like it's almost ready to roll. i now have to write supporting documentation and web pages for everything, get all the docs in order, do mailing, all that garbage. i've been wanting to work on this project for a long time, and i'm finally getting somewhere with it, it feels like. we may be ready to roll by april, instead of the may we'd originally announced.

my wife has found and started her new job. she's doing the same thing, only this time, she's been outsourced. so she makes less money, gets fewer benefits, works with dumber people making less money getting even crappier benefits than she does, and still does the same job. ah, the american way. the only upside is that we haven't had to move to india.

i need to get laid. maybe my replacement wife will let me rub some butt paste on her burning cooter.

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