Monday, December 12, 2005

fun night (updated)

a totally white-trash thing to do.

sue told me yesterday she wanted to go out and get drunk. really blasted. since i don't drink, in some ways i'm her perfect bar buddy: she'll always have a safe ride home.

we went to a bar called the wreck room. no live music on sunday nights, but they had a dj playing rasta (who looked like something out of bob marley's acid-induced hallucinations). so we sat there, talked, danced, and played video poker, while she drank she forgot how many margaritas and shots of tequila.

a year or so ago, we went to san antonio and on the spur of the moment, bought her a tattoo. a real one. she chose a fairy to go on her left chest (you know, above the breast that she tucks into her waistband -- the one i love). the fairy's name is celeste.

so after we left the bar, primarily because my eyes burned from the smoke, with me in the driver's seat, we went to randy adams, where i'd had some work done on my prince albert (alas, removed).

on the way to randy's, however, we almost had a wreck on the freeway. it seems that sue needed the alcohol taste washed out of her mouth, and so needed to suck on something for a while. boy, that was fun. thanks in part to cecily for that one.

at randy's we were greeted by wil. after some discussion, wil proceeded to add a blue crecent moon with three stars, positioned so that celeste seems to be sitting inside it.

leaving the tattoo parlor, we stopped at the bar next door and got her another shot, because this one apparently hurt more than the last one.

on the way to ihop, we had to make one unexpected detour: the side of the freeway in front of my old school. that's right: i got sue so drunk she had to barf.

so yes. we got her drunk and she got a tattoo.

totally white trash.


  1. I hope the night gave her some relief. That's just what I would have loved to do after losing the boys...

  2. [...] White trash: I’ve talked before about our occasional white trash weekends. Sue and I had another one tonight and had an absolutely fantastic time. we started the evening with dinner for me at a steakhouse (since she had had spaghetti with the kids and was not hungry, but I slept through dinner), and moved from there to the vodka bottle that she had tucked into her purse. She nursed the bottle while I drove. [...]