Wednesday, November 23, 2005

glenn mitchell show

the glenn mitchell show was a two-hour call-in and interview show about the real world that ran on kera. it ran from noon to 2pm, in two one-hour segments. guests included motorheads, computer gurus (including such names in my life as wynne wagner, author of the opus bbs system), ex-presidents of the united states, sports people, linguists, local politicans, book authors like patricia cornwell, and everybody in between.

he died in his sleep on sunday november 20.

his, and many people's (including mine), favorite portion of the show was the first hour on friday's: everything you ever wanted to know -- all questions answered, all knowledge revealed. it was an open air hour where you could call and ask any question you didn't know the answer to, and hopefully someone in the audience would know the answer, and call. i managed to answer a couple questions over the years.

he made talk radio an intelligent thing to listen to, rather than a cult of personality.

it was obvious listening to him that he was seriously interested in everything. he actually read the books written by the authors on the

i, at least, will miss his show. and i can hope he's now in a place where all his questions are being answered, and all knowledge revealed to him.

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