Tuesday, October 11, 2005

okay so

i lied. i didn't get to update over the weekend. but i'm here now. so we'll try again.

foot surgery
definately worth it. the pain i went to treat is gone. in a procedure called platnar fascia release. essentially, the doc went in with a camera in one side and a knife in the other and cut the layer of tissue between the skin and the muscle called the fascia. ("plantar" means foot, so a plantar fascia release is a fascia release of the foot.) i had both feet done.

i'm still experiencing some discomfort from the incision of the surgery, and i seem to have a little nerve damage. i've got some numbness where the spur is on the right foot, but it doesn't affect my ability to walk, so i'm not worried about it. it just feels a little strange when i press on it.

i expect it'll be another 3-4 weeks before i'm fully healed from the surgery, but that'll be the end of this for a decade, i hope.

registration begins november 1. it looks like i'm going to take interdisciplinary perspectives, which is a required course for my degree type, and english history ii, taught by the same stanley palmer i had for english history i over the summer. i enjoyed his lectures a lot, and while his exams are rather challenging, i think they were fair and i did okay. (i don't mind doing poorly on fair exams; if i do poorly and the exam is fair, it means i didn't master the material. i got a b in his course.)

so i need to chase down what i need to do to get readmitted.

sue's mother has deterioriated considerably during the past couple of months. last week her husband, my father-in-law, put her in the hospital. she stayed for most of a week, and she was released today to a nursing home. she has severe liver damage, either from cancer, chirrosis, or both. sue is understandably upset, in part because it's her mom and in part because her mom made them all promise to never put her in a nursing home. but we can't provide the care she needs ourselves, and her husband has decided this is what's best for now. we'll see.

i go back to work tonight for two more weeks at the old place. my last night will be the night of october 23, and i'm heartily looking forward to it. i'm so wanting to get out of the support industry. there's no future in it; i will always just be a support monkey.

instead i'm doing business development for a porn site. i'm not directly involved in the creative aspect or in production, but i am looking at things like improving creativity, marketing, pricing structure, etc.

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