Wednesday, October 26, 2005

going nowhere

i've started working at this job and i love doing the work. it's hard for me to focus, though, and that's something i'm having to work on. whether it's doglady wailing at me about whatever her current issue is, or the kids screaming, or whatever the other computer project that's waiting on me is, it's proving to be frustrating.

i no longer even really have my deep nights to work, because dale is often awake because she's sick or has to be up early.

sue asked me to restart her blog, so i put it back up here. we'll see what she does with it.

my feet continue to be sore off and on, but i haven't had to go back to the narcotics recently.

sue's severance pay has officially ended, and now she's into unemployment.

joy. i hope she gets motivated to get something soonish.

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