Sunday, September 25, 2005

wheeling around

i can now move (sort of) between my kitchen, bedroom, and office, in a wheelchair thoughtfully provided for me by my doctor's office. i spend most of my time in front of the computer (obviously).

thoughts since thursday:

you know you're on a nasty antibiotic when your farts and you burps smell just like the pills in the bottle. (keflex is disgusting.)

giving your wife the power of sponge bath is bad when you're ticklish. you're naked, on your back in the tub, and you can't fight back without risking getting your dressings wet.

life would be good if we didn't need to walk on our heels. toes are good though.

the bandages get rolled up and ugly-looking. see, see, see. also note the remnants of "L" and "R" on my legs, where they marked me prior to surgery. i guess they'd have used "L" and "X" if i was only having the left one done, for example.

i have two tall computers sitting on the floor -- server things. they hold pillows nicely. three pillows are the perfect height for my feet.

hurricane rita has come and gone and we didn't get a single fucking drop of rain up here. it's 110 degrees outside.

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  1. Glad you came through ok... and although you may have wanted the rain, I'm glad Rita left you alone.