Sunday, August 14, 2005


work. does. not. suck.

the place is so fucking cold you could hang meat in the place, but on the whole i've worked in worse places. here, for example. the nicest part about it, besides the pretty cool and laid back people, is that while i do technical support, it's all done through the ticketing system. nobody calls us. ever. no incoming phone calls. i'm so fucking thrilled.

i made my first sale with the table tent thing. and i bought the domain here although the link won't resolve for a few days yet, and when it does it won't work for a few days more. the sale is for 22 tables for 13 weeks. about average, and not enough money to make a go of it, but 10 more like that, or 20 or 50 more, and life will be good.

i spent last week running around doing business-related shit. like getting a sales tax number. and a bank account. and a dba. but that's all done now, thankfully. the only thing left to do is get out and make more sales.

ian starts school on tuesday. i got him enrolled last week, and had to chase around for shot records, birth certificates and social security cards, and of course they wanted a water bill to prove residence. so i got them a water bill.

sue is happy(er) with me again. she's getting frustrated because of the logistics of having the kids and getting ian to school, while trying to deal with getting a job or working for the business. what we really need is some hourly childcare, but we haven't found anybody around here who does drop-in service. we don't want to go out and do sales calls every day, and so can't justify setting up (and can't pay for) full-time care yet. so we don't know how it's going to work yet. or if it will work.

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