Monday, August 8, 2005

news this week

tons and none.

am starting a business with the help of my dad. based on his table tent business, sue and i are calling the business "r&r restaurant services," rain and roses (me being rain, she being roses). sorta appropriate, esp since it rained on our wedding in a the rose garden.

anyway, i've made the first sale in the business, and will be delivering their first stuff likely wednesday.

bad things: my work for abby has been sub-par. she's been extraordinarily kind to me in offering me work and i've been too crazy over the last week or so to deal with it. she's complained about it, which is fair.

other bad things: grades look poor for the second summer term. i thought i was doing well, but i blew the second business law exam, and the only criminal justice exam (72 and 76, respectively). with my ... crap ... with sue over the past couple weeks, i've missed a lot of the business law class, and even when i wasn't mind-blown because of sue i was too sleepy because of working third shift. apparently, as good as i thought my paper for the criminal justice class was, i fucked it up because i was supposed to do two articles at once, not just one, and i don't have time to fix it. it took me two weeks to write what i had.

other bad things: sue and i discussed it at some length last night and settled on what our priorities are, and at least for the fall semester, school has to go. even if i cut way back on doing table tents, there isn't enough of me to go around, so ... school is history, at least for the fall semester.

i'm really unhappy about that, but it's what we need to do for now. the financial security of our family depends on it.

i started the job. it's not bad. but i had to cancel my foot surgery. i'm unbelievably unhappy about that.

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  1. Sorry about school. That sucks. But it sounds like you and Sue are being partners again--and that's great. Good luck with the new business!