Monday, July 11, 2005

postness envy

i can't possibly imagine how my replacement wife can (usually) manage not one but two posts per day, when i'm lucky to get out two or maybe three posts per week. is it lack of attachment to the silly accomplishments of my kids (benjamin last night spent a good part of the evening coloring on the wall above the couch with a red crayon; samantha spend a good part of the evening last night crying; ian spent a good part of the evening last night starting at the television from the potty chair)? or is it just that my life is so fucking boring that i can't find anything useful to write about?

i was all excited to get to school this morning and get my laptop open so i could hit the school registration system and check my grade from the english history course, only once i got to the page i saw the little calendar. grades won't post until wednesday, so another two days of waiting. i still think i got a b, but no feedback from this instructor when we had an 8-person class discussion about how we'd all like feedback and he said yes sorta pisses me off. so much for the earl of palmer (as he calls himself).

the twins go in for their two-year checkup today. sue is meeting me at the doctors' office because the appointment is at 1030, but my class doesn't officially get out until 1000, so supposedly i'm rushing right out of there. in truth i expect i'll get out sometime around 900 like we did last thursday, and i'll beat her there. it happens. i don't expect him to tell us much except that they're speech-delayed (no surprise there; we have a family of can't-talk-kids).

why is it that all the college chicks in this class are either really cute and really snooty, or look like they've been hit by a mack truck and won't leave me alone? last thursday i thought the one sitting next to me was going to start fondling my thigh under the desk. you know the old joke: married, not dead.

somehow i feel like, after 11+ years sober, my life should be somewhat less fucked up than it is. does that feeling ever go away?

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  1. Does it help if i think you're still hot?

    I have time to blog cos I am at work and babeless ;-)