Friday, June 3, 2005

one week down

i've been remiss in writing about school because, frankly, i've been busy.

i really like it.

it's nice to go to a place that isn't technologically backwards. everywhere on campus i've been, there has been at least some facility for students with laptops. fully a quarter of the students i see at computers are on their own laptops. in the library the school provides tons of them as well, and each student even gets a 100 meg share out there in etherspace to store their stuff on. if you need it, you can even download and install a copy of norton antivirus, legally licensed to the school, and use it for as long as you're a student. if you want a copy of redhat latest and greatest, that's mirrored and supported as well (to a certain extent).

the libraries are interesting. while the 3rd and 5th floors of the main library currently have no bathrooms, they do have study areas and are covered with good 802.11b/g signal. electrical outlets are a little lacking, but that's not a huge deal if you simply look around some.

the history class is interesting. i'm taking english history i, prehistory to 1688. it's moving fast but i find the subject something i've wanted to study for a while. the instructor is at least decent in lecturer, and the recordings i'm doing are turning out okay.

i'm also taking a criminal justice class, and we'll see how it turns out. the instructor may have a very serious republican bent, something which will irritate me to no end. but at least what he said was thought-provoking. i don't know if he's right (in fact in some respects i doubt he is), but at least what he had to say was worth thinking about.

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  1. Just found you, but am glad that you're enjoying school!
    Thanks for letting me stop by,
    Alexie :)