Tuesday, June 28, 2005

history final

the prof has again been kind enough to give us the question prior to the final exam. this is a two-hour essay exam. for those of you who've been reading for a while, you'll know that i got an 81 on the first essay exam, and an 88 on the multiple guess one.

building the english nation & the rise of parliment

the title above captures the two major themes we have developed in our course.

using supporting historical detail, write an essay that both traces and explains, from the romans to the later stuarts, the rise of the english nation-state and monarchy; and the rise, growth, and triumph (in 1688) of parliment.

while your essay should develop major themes and ideas, be sure to also support your statements with appropriate specific facts/dates/names/ and events.

how's that for a fucking broad question? he's giving us a 5x8 card with notes on it, however. i'm reusing my first essay as the basis for my second, and then we'll cut and stuff onto a card. should be fun. i'll post the results and see if anybody can make heads or tails of it. (nobody will respond i know.)

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  1. Wow if only my teachers had have given me exam questions before the actual exam...I've never been a great exam taker, I sit down ready to start, forget what I've learnt, then walk out of the room when time's up and remember everything again. That doesn't make for a good test experience. lol
    G'luck with yours! ( :