Tuesday, June 14, 2005

exam 1

the first exam in the history course has been returned. as i said, i did better than i'd feared but worse than i'd hoped: i got an 81. the next exam is monday. remember, this is a five week course, so exams come fast and furious. but at least this one is multiple guess. i'm much, much better at multiple guess. i'm so much better at multiple guess that i smoke most of them. :-)

in other news: confirming my faith in american justice, michael jackson got oj'd. i wish i had enough money to change my race. 'nuff said.

other thoughts: i've been considering trying my hand at a little adult photography. not the tasteless crap traditionally associated with porn. rather, something slightly more tasteful and appropriate for appreciation, not just masterbation. note that neither of those links are appropriate for the office or small children; you've been warned. consideration and pointers toward examples welcome. be aware, i'm not strictly interested in shooting stuff that's straight porn; rather, i'm more interested in the artistic qualities of photography, and my appreciation of the female form. (as my friend abby said, men have too much hair, they're smelly, and they're dumb.)

we haven't gone through referrals in a while, so here's a sampling.

lots (tons!) of people come from cecily's "and i wasted all that birth control." welcome aboard. we also get some from the infertile gourmet, julie's a little pregnant, and julia's uncommon misconception.

i get lots of search engine crawlers (msn, yahoo, and google), and lots of spambots. i also get searches like these:

- iq of 127
- articule about the court system (edjumakashun at werk!)
- introverted ovary? (complete with question mark)
- ivf in dallas, texas (let me point you to our doctor)
- iq of 122
- xa-speakers, a website i privately mirror
- dumbfuckistan (i live there)
- aclu commencement in minnesota
- montessori schooling negatives
- ovidril dose (consult your doctor, sweets)
- lap dance (any titty bar, an experience i highly recommend)
- iq of 111 (we get dumber every time!)
- "what do the colors of the rainbow mean? (homosexuality)" (how the fuck should i know?)
- preeclampsya (again, consult your doctor, this shit can kill)
- work the steps online (can you say "half-measures availed us nothing"?)
- community colleges in 76118 (a crappy one)
- rainbow search freedom
- costco diapers (their diaper selection is name-brand only; their formula fucking rocks)
- "magic time machine" san antonio (good for one shot only; the ugly is cool; the food sucks)
- "fuck my wife" (thanks, i have one)

also, it seems my links are being passed around in email some, because some of the referrals link back to gmail's login page. so if you're coming from gmail, or forwarding this to somebody, say something! i'll try to be better about checking for comments that make it past spam-karma but not far enough to actually show up, like cecily's and alexis's last pair, sorry.

i seem to be having trouble with apache, so if you don't get an answer, don't fret; i'm working on finding the solution. this is what you get when you use debian's sid, the "unstable" release. debian's code-names come from the movie toy story, so releases have been named such things as slink (slinkey dog), potato (mr. potato head), buzz (buzz lightyear), woody, etc., and of course sid is the child who destroyed his toys. so since debian's unstable periodically breaks important things and occasionally renders the machine totally unbootable, sid is an appropriate codename for it.

finally, much love to my wife, who doesn't use her blog but who chose to quit smoking june 10, for our anniversary (she'd previously committed to july 7, the twins' second birthday, and then june 18, her birthday). today is her first day back at work and i'm really grateful she's giving this a try. i've never smoked, but i'm told it's harder than giving up booze. if stopping smoking is harder than quitting drinking, i'm ever so grateful i never started smoking, because giving up drinking goddamned near killed my sorry white ass.

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