Friday, June 10, 2005

another week

gone by. this week, i took an exam in my english (not british!) history 1 class that was one of the most challenging essay exams i've ever taken. the question, asking the student to trace the evolution of the legal system of england and the centralization of the nation state from 55 b.c. to 1189 a.d., was a 55 minute exam with no notes. i did better than i'd feared, but not as well as i'd hoped. we'll get grades on monday.

the tuesday evening class, about the american criminal justice system, is being taught by a rabid republican. yeesh.

my meds continue. the doc has also offered me a sleeping pill, which i'm taking very conservatively. weight remains stable at 240.

sue has decided to quit smoking. i'm thrilled, and as i told her, i'll jump through my asshole to help her. she's being a grouch, though. can't imagine why.

the other day i bought $300 worth of meat from a door to door salesman. not something i'd ordinarily recommend, the reason i did it was because we'd bought from him before and i'd been very happy with his product. it's not cut quite as thick as i like, but that's part of the game, i guess. it filled up a freezer.

i subscribed to myself on bloglines to see how many people were subscribed. as i feared: the only people reading are the spambots; number of subscribers: 1 (me). boo hoo. oh well, when i'm a famous legal personality, you can use this to dig up the dirt.

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