Wednesday, May 25, 2005

more school stupidity

this is a slightly older story, but still worth mentioning.

a roman catholic high school in montgomery, alabama, refused to let a graduating senior participate in commencement exercises because she was pregnant. in a show of defiance, she went to graduation, walked the stage, called her own name, and went back to her seat.

the senior, who was instead given her diploma by a counselor privately, and her family were then escorted out of the church by police.

while one might suggest that prohibiting a student from participating in commencement ceremonies because she is pregnant and unwed (and therefore does not represent the ideals of the private school) might have some merit, in this case it's nothing but bullshit, because the baby's father was allowed to participate.

is that what jesus wants? if it is, i'm glad i have nothing to do with him.

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