Saturday, May 7, 2005

Election turnout

I'm writing this from the cell phone again. The turnout here at the poll is, to put it politely, underwhelming. With two hours to go we've has 41 voters today, one of whom was me. That's an average of under 2.5 voters per hour.

First the big debate between the three of us working was whether or not we'd get to 30 voters. When we did, the debate turned to whether or not we will have to open a second pack of ballots. The elections office gave us 950 (!) ballots, in packs of 100 and the odd pack of 50. We are at the end of the pack of 50 now, and if we get to 49 cast i'll have to crack another pack. We'll see.

Even so, i'm not regretting doing it.

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