Tuesday, May 3, 2005

the big update

i've been remiss, so here we go.

ian: the results of all the bloodwork and the mri are all "within normal limits." the mri went well, but i didn't realize that they could put anesthetic into his rectum. he obviously didn't care for that, and neither would you. so next is the speech people and the eye doctor. we had to move the eye doctor so we could do the mri.

school: the idiot teaching the technical writing class sent an email tonight: everybody who hasn't yet gotten her response to their rough draft of the huge project has their due date extended until next week. i've gotten her response to mine, but with only three days left until my due date, and i'd already waited like two weeks and gone ahead and turned in my final draft. i resubmitted a final draft instead. she also said she'd post the final, but haven't seen it.

the statistics class is over. the instructor distributed the final on monday, saying take it home. so we sat in class and all did it together. the instructor corrected some of the mistakes we made. she obviously takes grading real seriously.

the children's lit class has actually been interesting and challenging. the instructor won't post the final until monday, but i have every confidence she'll actually do it. she's been on the ball all semester and i've actually grown to like her quite a bit.

the geology class has me nervous. i've done well and i anticipate an a (i need only 50 on the final, out of 100, to get an a), but i obviously still want to do well. i've very much enjoyed the class and found it considerably more challenging than i thought it would be.

registration is done at uta. i'm taking history of england 1 during summer 1, a five week course; american judicial system during summer 11 (an 11 week course); and business law during summer 2 (a 5 week course).

i'm wildly excited about switching schools. it'll at least be a step in the right direction. perhaps i'll find the instructors more engaging and challenging, and the students slightly more intelligent than the sophomoric twits that inhabit tarrant county.

nerd: i've played around some with the theme here. i really like it. i'm still fiddling with the colors, but all the links and stuff from the previous incarnation are in this one, and i much prefer a left-side nav. kyle's photography will make a reappearance at some point. photoshop to the rescue.

sue: libido dead. we had a great time at the hotel and tuesday morning she got up in a "don't touch me" mode that hasn't ended. she's been showing a tiny bit more affection over the past couple days but hey, i'm high maintenance and i admit it.

meds: depakote and zoloft. the psychoneurologist who did my personality testing said that nothing jumped out at him but he didn't evaluate the mmpi right there on the spot. but he did agree to send me a copy of the report. if you've ever taken the mmpi, you'd remember it: it's 567 (five hundred and sixty seven) true/false statements. very annoying.

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