Sunday, May 15, 2005

an anniversary

it's been a week since i last wrote, and a lot has happened, and nothing has happened.

tarrant county's spring semester has ended and grades are posted. bad instructor gave me an a. i also got grades of a in geology and statistics; i got a b in the children's literature course. of the four, the most interesting was the lit course. i'd never really thought of children's lit like goodnight moon having a theme, but it does, if you're smart enough to see it.

dr. shrink, who i'm going to rename dr. schoolmarm, has put me on some new meds. 1500 mg depakote, 50 mg zoloft, 25 (and escalating) strattera. with sue's meds, this is definately getting expensive. i like her, but she definately dresses oddly; she's a pretty woman, but she wears very conservative floral patterns with a high neck and an ankle-length hem. I wonder what she'll be wearing in the height of summer, because her office faces south (think sunlight) and two of her walls are glass.

today is the first anniversary of me writing this blog. sitemeter measures 4,427 visitors since i started using it very near the beginning. i'd expect that most of those are spambots; i get a ton of comment spam. it's kind of depressing, actually. i guess my life is just fucking boring. but then i knew that, too.

i've been playing a lot of everquest, an online game. it's addictive to a point, but there is a certain sameness about its offerings after a while. but there are some people who've been playing it continuously for six years.

i got the billing notice for ian's mri, which thankfully will be paid by insurance. the charge over $3,000 for the mri, not including the radiologist and the anesthesia. i was astounded. and it didn't tell us anything.

school begins again on may 31, so two weeks away. i'm excited but nervous at the same time. a real school for a change. and i need to start dealing with registration for fall very soon.

love and congrats to cecily on getting her offer accepted. it's a big step, and it was nervous for me te first time i did it. i will offer one practical bit of advice: it's not as heart-breaking when a housing deal falls through as when a fertility cycle fails, but it's about as common. and my experience in real estate suggests this tidbit as well: there is always another house somewhere you want to live in your price range that you will love. always. even so, all the luck, all the love.

ian still doesn't talk. he won't say mommy or daddy. his third birthday was in march. i'm depressed about it, especially since the twins don't say it either and they'll be two in july.

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