Monday, April 4, 2005


cecily has been sharing a little about her battle with weight and all the things she's tried. like i wrote in a comment there, my own weight is something that's been concerning me.

a bmi calculator i found puts me right at 30, the dividing line between "overweight" and "obese." my wife's bmi is higher; we weigh about the same, but she's considerably shorter.

i feel trapped by circumstance and my body.

any exercise that's hard on feet won't work for me. i have plantars heel spurs -- bone spurs my heels. the spurs cause tendon inflammation, and the inflammation cause so much pain that people notice a limp. especially in the morning and when i've been off my feet a while, walking can be extremely painful.

there are four basic treatments:

i've reached surgery. the shoe inserts help but not enough, and i have trouble finding shoes that fit with the inserts in, even if i rip out the insoles. the cortisone injections only last a week or so and are extremely painful, and i wind up with bruises on my heels that last a couple days besides. the nsaid drugs stop working; i've done feldine, naperson, celebrex, and bextra.

but i can't afford the copays and the recovery time.

so much for walking for exercise. other exercise also tends to be heavy on the feet, even stuff like exercise bikes. swimming is good, but i don't have an indoor pool handy. to be consistent i need to be able to do it all-weather, and all-season. otherwise i won't bother. my housing development has a pool, but it's only open memorial day through labor day, and it's usually overrun with snot-nosed little brats who have no consideration for adults who might want to use the facility.

i have my kids.

anything i do needs to be something where i can arrange childcare, or be able to schedule during times when my wife is home (like 3am).

and my diet sucks. high carb, high fat. i'm a carnivore, and rice is cheeeeeep and easy to cook. i enjoy eating veggies but am not very good at preparing them. we don't buy much fresh food, so the stuff i do get tends to be frozen or canned (thus high sodium). plus many of the things i might like to learn to cook -- like, say, fish -- sue won't touch.

meanwhile, i watch my beer gut grow and my weight slowly rise. in high school i topped out at 180. somewhere along the lines i've gone up considerably. not 100 pounds, but more than 50. i didn't have a beer gut when i quit drinking 11 years ago. (kinda like getting arrested, that didn't start until sobriety.)

i hate the way i look. i hate the way i feel. yet, as always, i feel powerless and trapped and unable to do anything constructive about it.

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  1. yes weight is a concern. But you should use what you already have. The post concetrated on what you dont have, ie an indoor swimming pool. Well not too many people have that. We do have an exercise bike that will not put pressure on your feet. Fresh veggies. great! White fish great! But you wont lose weight until you control the portions of food you eat, stop eating fast food and get off your ass and exercise. And all of this can be done without spending a ton of money. Take the kids to the park. Walk around the block. You dont need to join a gym. Use what is a available. You always concentrate on what you dont have. Be creative and come up with a plan that will work here. Pick up the kids ten times in a row. Once you start working on your muscles, men loose weight faster.