Wednesday, April 20, 2005

ian's appointments

the doctor's appointments were ... unenlightening.

the audiology appointment wasn't supposed to be traumatic. the audiologists (two really cute chicks) led us into a little sound booth they use for thesting.

first they hooked ian up to a device that puffed air into his ear. it looked for things like a punctured ear drum, or fluid in his ears. no problem, good results on that.

then they tried to do the real meat of the test. in the booth they oriented us correctly, and one of them left the room and ran the gadgets, and one of them stayed inside holding ian's attention. they played sounds and spoke to him through the two speakers in either corner (carefully oriented). some of the sounds were so brief and mute that, while i could hear them, i couldn't tell what side they were coming from. about three minutes into this, ian decided he'd had enough, freaked out, and wouldn't let me out of a hug.

so rather than do a test where they needed his participation (i'd told them that he wouldn't be able to help, and i was right!), they hooked him up to the same device they use for newborns. essentially it shoots sound into his ears and listens for the echo. they did it in both ears, and both were fine.

the result is that there is no hearing loss that would cause a speech problem.

the neurology the next day wasn't nearly as informative. after waiting forever, the neurologist tested his reflexes, didn't say much else, and referred us for yet more testing. he wants genetics, speech testing, and an appointment with something called the child study center.

then he ordered a bunch of blood tests. 11 tubes of blood, to be exact. yes, 11. i counted. out of a terrified three year old. that i had to hold down while she drew all this from him.

the genetics tests are apparently mostly done already; supposedly the neurologist ordered them, which is part of why he ordered so many tests. the speech testing is back in rehab where the audiology is, and shouldn't be hard to make an appointment there again.

but the child study center, with the neuropsychologist, has an application process. once you fill out the 12 page application, which includes school stuff for school-aged kids that teachers fill out, you wait 4-6 weeks for them to process it before they call you for an appointment 4-6 months later. so 6-8 months from now, we might get an appointment. i hear they're great, but that would mean ... christmas. how is that good service?

the neurologist also asked for an mri, i guess to rule out any physical problems with ian's brain. that's fine except that it conflicts with the opthamology appointment, so i'll have to reschedule that. and because he's so young and not able to follow commands (hold still!), they'll have to sedate him.

i'm thrilled with all this.

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