Friday, April 8, 2005

experiences of school

cecily's post about schooling made me consider my own experience. i've written about it here some before.

i did kindergarten at a public school; i don't remember much about it except that the teacher had big tits, and i had trouble figuring out what half a glass was. and that it was a big privlege to go get the chocolate milk from the cafeteria.

this was a time when i could walk, unsupervised, from school to my sitter's house.

first and half of second grade was a private school. then my mother announced she was getting married, packed her shit and moved to chicago. my dad took the opportunity to get a job in texas, and packed his shit and moved there. i went with my dad.

once here, i wound up in a tiny private school, the local jewish offering. in its first year, the school offered grades k, 1, and 2, and i was the late-comer. i stayed in this school all the way through 8. most years they added one grade to keep up with the kids needs.

a couple of weeks ago, the board of directors finally voted to close the school. at its peak there were a hundred kids or so; now it's down to less than 30. it's sad, but there's never been the community support this school needs to make it a going concern long-term.

i got a reasonably good education, both secular and religious. i can read, write, calculate, and think because of that school. the education was excellent, but the social aspect lacked considerably. the classes and grades were so small that if you were a screwball (like me), there weren't enough other screwballs to make friends with. consequently, i was tolorated.

that takes us through 8th grade. i'll write more later.

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