Sunday, April 17, 2005

day by day

nothing doing here, just acting like a family day to day. sue and i have decided to take off (all of 15 miles away) for two days next weekend, and my mother has kindly agreed to cover the kids. it should be nice to not have to hear the screaming. i love my kids obviously, but both my wife and i could use the relaxation.

school remains in a holding pattern. just working. the children's lit course is going well.

in geology i took an exam on tuesday and i was pretty nervous about my mastery of the material. i managed to pull a 98 out of the instructor's ass, and i was thrilled. i'm again in the position of being able to completely skip the final and still pass. happy happy joy joy.

statistics remains a blow-off course. i can't help but get an a in there.

and i'll pass the stupid technical writing course, if only because i'll turn all my stuff in. but i've lost the motivation to do the best i can, and as a consequence, i won't be posting my how-to guide on how to work the steps online. what i will turn in will be adequate, but will not be stellar, and i'm not willing to post something like that in public without me being comfortable that i've done the best job i can. sorry, gang.

ian's doctor appointments start tomorrow. first, audiology. tuesday is neurology. and the following week, opthomology. my own shrink appointment is a week from tomorrow; sue has one tomorrow, both with the same doctor. happy happy. (pharmacology to the rescue.)

so that's where i am.

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