Thursday, March 17, 2005

upgrade to 1.5

wordpress 1.5 is actually pretty nice. most importantly to me, it handles themes. that means i can skin the site pretty easily. with some tweaking i can even make it randomly choose a skin. i don't plan on doing that.

but the other thing themes allow me to do is customize and control the layout and design of the site much more easily, and with less dependence on remembering which files i hacked when i upgrade. now that themes are self-contained, i can even transport the theme easily across multiple sites.

the short version is that i really like it. over the coming days you'll see me making some visual changes. But even the default theme (what you see now) is at least reasonable. the only change i've made so far is that i've added the css tag to cause everything to be forced to lowercase.

i've also added my rings and whatnot to the sidebar. that took a hack, but it's pretty straightforward to do in the new system.

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