Tuesday, March 22, 2005

school district fun

texas school districts are exciting.

the wilmer hutchins isd is being shut down and taken over by the state education agency.

you can read the full story here.

the reason for the takeover seems to be that at least 22 employees cheated on state elementary achievement exams.

and the superintendant has been indicted for obstruction, for destroying documents he knew were under subpoena.

and the superintendant has been indicted again for falsification of attendance records which are used in texas to determine funding (possibly to his personal benefit).

and the state has tried to remove the superintendant, but the board refused three times to fire him months after the first indictment.

and there seems to be some trouble with employees getting paid.

and there's this whistleblower retaliation thing going on.

of course this is a small minority school district. but in fort worth we had a construction scheme complete with shoddy workmanship, overbilling, and kickbacks that have landed people in the clink, where the head of the district also didn't get fired. he was allowed to retire (although he personally wasn't indicted).

makes ya really confident in our schools, no?

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