Sunday, March 27, 2005

more thoughts

every fantasy world has its great fantasy weapon.

the wheel of time has callandor, a flawed sa angreal that only a man can wield. the image of rand sword-fighting the dark one in the sky fascinates me.

middle earth has the one ring. the idea of the rings of power, all of them, ruled by the one ring is unique and powerful.

my all-time favorite fantasy weapon, of course, is the star wars light sabre. despite everyone's dislike of episode i, the end-of-movie light sabre battle between quai-gon jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and darth maul was, in my opinion, a visually stunning display of coreography and design. i thought that lucas had a chance, in episode ii, to put together a light sabre battle of similarly (or more) stunning proportion, with the duel between anakin skywalker and count dooku, especially the segment where anakin fought with two sabres. lucas blew the opportunity, but the fact remains that the weapon is a fantastic piece of work, and can make great theatre.

the tomes of trolomia needs such a weapon. and it needs to be a weapon, not just a spell or a power.

the magical powers are cool, of course, but the weapons rock.

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