Monday, March 7, 2005

it's been a bad day

i left work half way through the day without bothering to let anyone know. just packed my shit and left. i'm not sure i can take it anymore.

i've long had trouble with stupid people. today i tutored a woman who is in a remedial math class, the second of a sequence of three.

the stuff we worked in is fundamental to success in later courses. but to say that this woman has some skill deficiencies that are hindering her success would be something of an understatement. she commonly says that 3x3=6, and that 9x3=12. she also doesn't consistently remember that a negative times a negative is a positive, or that a positive times a negative is a negative. these things are so fundamental to the practice of later mathematics that failure to master rules for signs and basic multiplation tables is a guarantee of failure.

the other issue remains my computer and related gadgetry. i got another tongue-lashing today about using my computer on the network, and listening to my ipod (playing harry potter book 1, which is a required book for one of my courses). the basic reason behind not being permitted to use the computer on the network, as near as i can determine, is "because i said so." i can go into the library, but not where i spend most of my day. when i challenged my direct supervisor about it, her response was more of the same.

i don't think i can take much more of this shit. i'm paid $6 an hour, and i'm treated like it. Essentially not permitted to think, couped up in a room that gets so noisy in the afternoons that real study isn't possible, i basically can't do anything entertaining that would actually entertain me while i wait. and for most of the things i do on a computer, connecting it to the network is a requirement. at times when i have no students, i'm both unable to study and unable to do anything else.

as i write this i'm expecting a "where the fuck are you" phone call any time now. i'm not excited about getting it, and i doubt i'll even bother to answer.

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