Friday, March 4, 2005

ian's meeting

so we had the ard (admission, review, dismissal) meeting for ian today at the local school district.

the short version: they want to do a 5 day a week class for him because he has "moderate to severe speech impairment." a number of the other issues they identified, such as a lack of bathroom training or failure to follow two-step directions, can be traced to the speech: he can't tell us he needs to potty, and he doesn't understand the directions. they rated his various developmental issues at between 20 and 28 months; he'll be 3 years old later this month.

the long version:

the 5 day a week class will not work for us at least through this school year. his two day a week preschool requires that we pay for the class time even if we don't keep him in the school. besides that, it's from 07:45 to 10:45. jesus h. christ. i believe that god didn't mean for people to get up before the crack of noon; a class that early is a crime against humanity. [i can just imagine the google hits that will generate.]

sue asked what the options for summer are; if he'll regress they'll do a summer placement for him. but eligibility is determined by the regression, so if he doesn't go this year they won't take him during the summer. doing 2 or 3 days a week is an unknown.

also, the class he'll go to (really hot teacher with gigantic tits -- it's a good thing she teaches in an elementary school cuz the middle school kids would spend all their time staring and drooling) is a good 20 minute drive from our house. there will be a new one opening up just a few blocks from our house in september; it's possible that they will be offering the services he needs at that school, which means a much better transportation situation.

the school district will provide transportation, but we will not be putting him on a bus. at this point he's so afraid of new things and loud noise that we think he'd be absolutely terrified of a school bus. we're afraid that he'll think we're throwing him away in something that might eat him.

we don't feel a particular urgency to get him into school before the beginning of the next school year. he's stable, happy, and progressing, albeit slowly. i made that clear and the school people were surprisingly happy with that; i was prepared to hear much wailing and gnashing of teeth over our wanting to sit and consider.

sue didn't go; she was too tired. so i recorded the conversation instead. i won't be posting the mp3. :)

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