Sunday, February 27, 2005

weekly stuff

sorry for the lack of updates.

spent a thousand dollars at costco. all stuff we'll use. we're a little overstocked on some stuff now, like trash bags, but they don't go bad and we will use them. so no regrets.

the next day i took the car to get some tires fixed and have it aligned. it had been pulling slightly to the right; now it pulls really hard to the left. i spent four hours sitting there waiting on it, and i spent a lot of money on the tires, and now i'm pissed.

i didn't post about it on wednesday, but i'm now 31.

today we're doing steak and potatos at my step-mom's house.

i've finished my course selections for the major i've chosen: interdisciplinary studies. i've got an advising session on tuesday, and we'll see what the (rather intelligent) guy from somewhere odd has to say.

if it's approved i'll post the essay and stuff i had to write, as well as the course selections.

i've also decided to register for the summer semester. i'm sure i'll find something in my course selection that i want. yippee.

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