Sunday, February 13, 2005

tomes of trolomia

i think i might start my writing seriously if i blog about it. or do it on my blog. or something.

the tomes of trolomia is an epic i've been designing off and on for a while now. when i become famous and make my living writing it, you can say you read it here first. influences seem to be tolkien, robert jordan, and piers anthony. perhaps some paranoia, lovecraft (cthulhu for president: why vote for the lesser evil?), stephenson, and gaiman.

i've spent some time thinking about the political and natural/supernatural structure of the universe. the magic of the universe seems to be developing as a channeling-based system, except that unlike jordan's five-power system, it's a six-power thing (earth, air, fire, water, spirit, and the new one, demon).

one of the major objections i have to harry potter is that, no matter how much magic the characters seem to do in a day, they never get tired. in every other magical universe i've run across where magic is prevalent (it's virtually non-existant in middle earth), there is an upper limit to how much power you can wield over a fixed amount of time. in the wheel of time you get physically tired or burn yourself out; in dungeons and dragons (at least when i played) you could only cast so many spells per day. so there will be some kind of upper limit; magic is powerful, but wielding power is not without cost.

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