Sunday, February 6, 2005

some things should be abolished

as a jew, i feel compelled to comment on something that i was told about a couple days ago, and just got the opportunity to track down. i was horrified.

jews are commanded to circumcize boys at 8 days of age. this is typically done by a person called a mohel (or moyel if you're from eastern european traditions). typically a circumcision isn't a big deal, and frequently, at least in the united states, it's done in the hospital early and the mohel is more a formality than anything else.

this is important to me because my own boys were circumcised in the hospital, and while we're raising them jewish, it's necessary for me to have them formally converted to judiasm. because jewishness is passed maternally and my wife is catholic, my kids are officially not jewish. at this point it's a drop-your-pants-for-a-quick-prick-and-bleed for them. in another post i'll bitch about how i think it's stupid to even require this for them at this point.

anyway, onward. new york papers are now reporting a case in which rabbi yitzchok fischer seems to have given at least three boys a case of herpes.

it works like this: rabbi dipshit whacks foreskin, and then to make it bleed to "cleanse the wound" he sucks on it with his mouth. this is done in a small minority of ultra-orthodox (right wing frummies) cases.

after one of the affected children died of his herpes infection, the new york department of health ordered rabbi dipshit to quit it while they figured out whether or not the herpes came from him. he refused and is now being sued over it.

and this is not the first time this has been recorded.

and some are now bitching about the new york department of health attempting to regulate religion. puhleeze.

it makes one wonder how far "tradition" should go and when we stop some of these practices and recognize that this is disgusting and dangerous.

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