Thursday, February 10, 2005

degree crap

i know i keep going on and on and on and on about this, but it's an important choice.

the more i look at a geology major, the more i like it. there are downsides, though:

- i thought that i had to take another eight hours of a non-geology science: my choice of biology, chemistry, or physics. it turns out i have to take biology, chemistry, andand physics, eight hours each, the ones for science majors.

the downside is that it's a total of 24 hours of courses that are likely to be difficult. the upside, though, is that if you're going to be a science major, go ahead and be a science major.

- the sheer number of hours. the core cirriculum that every student must take regardless of degree is 45 hours. at the end of this semester i will have all 45 completed. i've also got another 8 hours that will transfer, 4 of which i actually must have.

but i need a total of -another- 111 hours, or, at 12 hours per semester, another five years, which will actually go down some because of some stuff that's only offered in summer. even so, that will take me to a total of 160 hours, a full 40 more than required for the degree.

- the sheer number of hours of lower-division crap i need to take at the local junior college, but can't. i have another 37 hours of lower-division stuff i need to take, but in addition to the 49 hours i already have that i need to transfer, i can only transfer another 23 hours from the community college, because the big university will only take 72 transfer hours.

that means i need to figure out which courses would be better to take at the community college, and which would be better to take at the big house.

i thinking i should take the math courses i need -- there are four, in sequence -- at the community college. i might also take either physics or chemistry (more likely chemistry). at least the required physics courses aren't calculus-based courses. (there is a god.)

-- language. the language requirement is easier; for a BS I need to do 8 hours of foreign language and 6 additional hours of "cross-cultural" education, which could be shit like african history, latin american politics, or far eastern something or other.

figuring all of this out is extremely complex. each course has prerequisities and must be taken in the correct sequence. many of the prereqs are stuff like biochem 2 (which means taking chem 1, chem 2, and biochem 1 first).

i need to call over there and make an advisement appointment. bad. this just can't be right.

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