Tuesday, February 15, 2005

advising appointment

today i had the advising appointment with the geology guy at uta. i forgot to ask about the language requirement, but it wasn't on his prepared excel spreadsheet.

the advisor in this case was dr. nice. the advisor at the political science department was dr. sour grapes. dr. grapes was, it seemed, to busy to be able to deal with me, even though i had an appointment and was early for it. dr. nice, on the other hand, gave me his undivided attention during our time together, and then took me to meet his administrative assistant in person, rather than just pointing me down the hall and telling me what to say to her.

apparently i'll really need something in the 140-ish hour range, including my prereqs and what i currently have. not every course i'm taking (like statistics this semester) will count in a geology degree, but i think the statistics course will help anyway.

he emailed a copy of the excel spreadsheet to me, but it hasn't come in yet; either uta's mail server is exceedingly slow (not surprising) or it got lost somewhere (also possible). but i'm sure if i call over there, the nice folk will kindly resend it.

He even took the time to answer my questions with other than "because we say so" answers. at every turn in this department, i've actually gotten some reasonable customer service.

i'm most impressed.

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