Monday, January 17, 2005

no news re julia

we're all nervously hitting refresh on julia's and shelba's site waiting for word on julia and her daughter hannah.

for those who haven't been following her story, julia went into the hospital today for a c-section. she has increta, a condition where the placenta has inappropriately invaded the uterus and possibly the surrounding tissue as well. a c-section followed by a hysterectomy seemed likely; otherwise, she'd bleed out, obviously a not-nice outcome.

she was scheduled for surgery at noon-thirty central time (gmt-6 for those of you from elsewhere); as i write this it's seventeen-fifteen and no news is no news.

no matter what the outcome, please pray/think good/whatever for julia, hannah, and hub/dad and the rest of the family. even if they manage to save julia's uterus and everything turns out "happy," any family with a new arrival needs all the help they can get.

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