Wednesday, January 5, 2005

the birth of a baby

trackback to grrl because the joke is somehow appropriate.

mom goes into labor, goes to the hospital, and all goes well. the baby, a boy, is born in the more-or-less usual manner. everything goes fine, except ... he's hyper-intelligent. walking and talking just a few seconds old.

he walks up to mom and introduced himself. "i guess you're my mother. i'm really looking forward to learning from you and becoming a part of your family. thank you for all you've done, and in advance for all you will do."

he turns to the docs and nurses. "i want to thank yall for the fantastic medical care you've given me and my mother, and i'd just like to say that i'm really looking forward to continuing working with you."

he turns to another man in the room. "are you my dad?"

"yes," says dad.

"hey you," the baby screams.

he pokes dad in the middle of the forehead three times with an extended index finger. poke, poke, poke.

"that hurts!"

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  1. LOL that's hilarious!!!!! Thanks for the laugh.