Saturday, January 8, 2005


i've talked before about stupid people. and about how much i fucking hate them. once upon a time i wrote an argumentative essay for an english comp class advocating euthenasia of stupid people.

so dealing with such an idiot first thing in my morning is not exactly what i like. since i believe that god didn't mean for humans to get up before the crack of noon, i'm loathe to make my mornings any harder than i strictly need to. (if god had meant for us to see the sunrise, it'd be later in the day.)

anyway, i made the mistake of showing this stupid person julie's shower boxes. i was treated to a 20 minute rant about why those of us kind enough to send julie something are stupid; about how you don't give shower gifts to people who aren't your friends; about how you don't accept shower gifts if you're not expecting to give your own gifts when the time comes. she likened the whole idea to simply posting a "send me shit" list on the net, a certain "gimmie gimmie gimmie."

so i did not tell her that i sent my own gift, to both julie and tertia. i didn't want to have to listen to her rant.

i'll point out that this particular stupid person neither has children of her own, nor will she ever; and she also never struggled with infertility like me and my wife and julie and julia and tertia and cecily and all the rest. so in a way her attitude doesn't surprise me.

but it still strikes me as asinine that she'd pass judgement on the blogging community's willingness to shell a few bucks for someone who's blog we heartily enjoy. what i sent didn't cost a lot, but it meant a lot to me to be part of the show. even as i'm only peripherally a part of the community, the being a part of, when i've been apart from for so long, is important to me.

and it's something the stupid bitch will never understand.

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