Wednesday, January 5, 2005

all things school-like

over the weekend i asked sue if she would please, this week, call the school where we want to enroll ian to find out the particulars: when he'd start, what it would cost, how to pay, that kind of stuff.

on monday she thought she'd call on tuesday, since monday, being the first work day of the year, would be totally insane for them and she would wait until tuesday or wednesday to actually call.

then she thought better of it, might as well just give them a ring to see if they were too busy to deal with her. so she dug out the number and called.

"oh, we're expecting him tomorrow."

good thing we called.

while this was going on, i made a visit to my local doctor's office to have my prince albert examined, because i suspected a minor infection. so i get in there and the aide says, "i used to work in a tattoo shop, and i know what this is all about, but i want to tell you, diane [the nurse practitioner] is gonna bust you for doing this." i laughed.

and sure enough, diane busted me for it. "what posessed you," she asked. i could tell by the look on her face that no answer i could possibly come up with could satisfy her disapproval. so i explained what had happened and she actually looked rather accepting.

so i'm standing at the pharmacy getting the antibiotic perscription filled (another adventure in and of itself) and sue calls. she asks where i am. "grocery store," i say.

"oh could you pick up some bread? ian starts tomorrow and we need to send lunch with him."

"no problem, do you want me to get some lunch meat too?"

now, if you're not jewish, this is an innocuous question. perfectly reasonable, in fact.

except that, as someone who went to 2nd grade in the very same room where ian's class now plays, i should have known better. the synagogue doesn't permit meat to be brought on the premises, except in very specific circumstances, and school children's lunches isn't one of them.

"it needs to be dairy," sue explained. "cheese, pb&j, tuna fish," she went on.

i know what dairy means. boy did i feel dumb.

so on tuesday morning we all piled in the van and went. we got him registered, got the school paid, and we left him there at 0900. he only cried when we left the play room in the center of the school to head for our classroom, and then again when we left for the day. i don't think he even noticed that mom and dad left in the morning.

so it was a success, and he goes back tomorrow (thursday). i think he'll really love it, and i hope it helps.

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