Saturday, December 25, 2004

xmas at the outlaws

the outlaw parents suck, but the rest of the family is usually pretty cool. there's a new member this year -- male sibling's girlfriend. i even told her about my new adornment.

the kids, for their part, were honestly fantastic. a little cranky at the beginning what with all the new people, and a little cranky at the end, because they were tired. but for the most part, right on the money.

my idea for the year was (politically incorrect) chinese gift exchange. the popular items this year were some lottery tickets, a 256 meg flash drive, some candles, and a gift certificate to a bookstore. i wound up with the 256 meg flash drive. sue got the gift certificate. we bought the blanket (won by the new girlfriend-in-law) and the wooden suit hangars (won by the people who wear suits).

for the most part it was pretty good. we did brine- (salt-water) basted turkey, and that turned out really well although the gravy wound up entirely too salty.

the sibling-out-laws will remain in town for a while, but the hard part is over and i'm glad.

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