Wednesday, December 29, 2004


so i let my debian mirror get all screwed up, and so i fixed it last night. in the process i did a mysql upgrade that hosed the database that drives wp. well not really hosed. everything was safe but i needed to arrange the pointers again.

so we're back in business.

i've still got a sinus infection from the trip to san antonio. ian remains constipated (this is not news), and life moves on.

my pa is considerably less sore than it was. i've changed jewelry a couple of times, and am now pretty happy with the surgical steel that i have now. (i have surgical steel embedded in an artificial hole poked in my penis that i do not want to close. i'm happy with this. what the fuck?)

the very last of my schoolbooks, a calculator manual designed for both my graphing calculator and my statistics book, has arrived. i'm looking forward to using it. i bought it because i found during my algebra class last year that using my calculator properly saved my ass, and if i'd had a manual to learn to use the tool to do the problems correctly, i'd have gotten an even better grade than i did.

obviously having a calculator will not help not knowing the underlying mathematical principles, but my problem hasn't ever been the concepts; it's been the fiddly computations. i can manually do 37x48, but i might make a mistake. why bother, when i understand the principles well enough and just suck at the arithmetic?

so for the statistics course i have the calculator manual, the solutions manual, and the book. i'm sorta looking forward to it.

what the fuck?

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