Wednesday, December 22, 2004

triumphant return

we're back, and there are many exciting items of note.

the night before we came home, i took sue out to dinner, and it was actually pretty disappointing. on the way over there, we saw a sign for a tattoo parlor.

after dinner, we said what the hell, we'll go. so we went and saw what they had to offer. lots of very beautiful dragon art. A really cool mona lisa with her blouse open, nipples exposed, and her smile slightly more pronounced.

sue and i have been joking for years that if she gets a tattoo, i'll get a prince albert. so. there we were.

and it turns out they were about to close, so we made an appointment for the next afternoon.

and we went. and we got it done.

sue got a fairy on her left upper chest, and I got ... a prince albert [explicit content warning]. the one i got is like the one in the center, only thinner wire.

I was actually very happy with the process. Sterile equipment, gloves, the whole bit.

what i didn't understand is that an object called a "receiving tube" is shoved ... up there ... so that when the needle is jammed in, it stops without going too far. the needle them goes farther up the tube, and out the urethra. the receiving tube is then pulled out and the needle is left threaded through, and is used as a guide for inserting the jewelry.

an observation: you never, ever want to hear your piercer say "oh fuck" while he's got a sharp object in one hand and the single most sensitive part of your body in the other.

what had actually happened was that after he was actually done with the piercing, the needle came out and he hadn't gotten the jewlrey threaded through completely, so he had to ... uhm ... find the right place.

it hurt considerably less than i thought it would, and it bled much less than i thought. even so, sue, getting her tattoo in the next room, heard me and hoped it was the piercer and not me.

the downside is that the thing has come apart and now i'm going to have to have it attended to and the jewlrey changed out much sooner than i thought. as i write this, what i've actually got is a curved wire through the piercing, and a bandaid over the opening so it doesn't fall out. the last thing i want is for it to need to be redone. and i'd feel bad if it gets screwed up before i have a chance to ... play with it in a private setting. (when would i play with it in a public setting?)

sue's tattoo is a winged fairy, purple background, orange body, greenish wings. Really pretty-looking.

beyond all that, the trip home was pretty boring. we decided to use I-35 instead of the usual road home (us 281) because we'd earlier had to have a tire plugged because we'd picked up a nail somewhere lalong the way, and we wanted to be on a real road in case there was a problem with the plug. the kids stayed up the entire way (which is odd because we left at 9pm, got home about 130 am), and ben stayed up another two hours alternately screaming and running around. sue and i let him stay up until he finally fell over and let me take him to bed.

so we're home. we're not returning any time soon. we had too much trouble getting the kids to sleep down there, and are having trouble getting their sleep schedules adjusted again now that we're home. we're going to wait a few years until they're more able to cope with being in a different place.

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